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    Intimacy with God Cover Image
    Intimacy with God
    Dr. Benjamin A. Sawatsky
    When Life Comes Undone Cover Image
    When Life Comes Undone
    T.J. Addington with Mary Ann Addington
    In This Generation Cover Image
    In This Generation
    Todd Ahrend
    The Abrahamic Revolution Cover Image
    The Abrahamic Revolution
    Todd Ahrend
    Tipping Our Kings Cover Image
    Tipping Our Kings
    Jack Crabtree
    Genesis Unbound Cover Image
    Genesis Unbound
    Dr. John Sailhamer
    Ambassadors to Muslims Cover Image
    Ambassadors to Muslims
    Fouad Masri
    Puentes: Cristianos Conectándose con Musulmanes Cover Image
    Puentes: Cristianos Conectándose con Musulmanes
    Fouad Masri
    Jesus, Our Perfect Example Cover Image
    Jesus, Our Perfect Example
    Lori Merrill
    The Compound Effect Cover Image
    The Compound Effect
    Daniel Meylan
    Survival Chinese Lessons Cover Image
    Survival Chinese Lessons
    Joann Pittman
    Victor's Dream Cover Image
    Victor's Dream
    Deborah Ehler Polston
    Prescription for the Doctor’s Wife Cover Image
    Prescription for the Doctor’s Wife
    Debby Read with Sue Addington
    7-7 Series Explorer’s Guide Cover Image
    7-7 Series Explorer’s Guide
    Robert O. Wahl, D.Min.
    7-7 Series Discovery Manual Cover Image
    7-7 Series Discovery Manual
    Robert O. Wahl, D.Min.
    Going, Going, Gone! Cover Image
    Going, Going, Gone!
    Jeff Schadt
    Crossing Thin Ice Booklet Cover Image
    Crossing Thin Ice Booklet
    Jeff Schadt
    Hatch Cover Image
    C. McNair Wilson
    Are You Ready? DVD Cover Image
    Are You Ready? DVD
    Youth Transition Network
    Be Prepared DVD Cover Image
    Be Prepared DVD
    Youth Transition Network
    Be Prepared Kit Cover Image
    Be Prepared Kit
    Youth Transition Network
    Succeed DVD Set Cover Image
    Succeed DVD Set
    Youth Transition Network
    Succeed DVD Set for Public Showings Cover Image
    Succeed DVD Set for Public Showings
    Youth Transition Network
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  • BookVillages image for page About Us

    About Us

    At Book Villages we have a commitment to place the highest quality content into the hands of as many people as possible both in electronic and print versions. Although there are many sources people go to self-publish their material, normally when they receive it, and when the reader gets it, their first response often is “this must be self-published.” Even lay people who know very little about printing, design, and layout somehow just know professionals did not do this. Our commitment from the beginning has been to produce content, which although it is custom published, looks as if a traditional publisher produced it with a price point to match. Our whole concept is to produce a quality product that makes both the content provider and the reader proud to call it their own and to have it sitting on their shelf or on their electronic reader.  

    We are set up to come alongside the content provider with as much or as little help as they need. That is to say, we can write a book, we can edit a book, we can design the interior and exterior of that book as well as manufacture the book. We can distribute from our warehouse. We can also put the book in all electronic formats including Kindle, Nook, and iBook. Our newest capability is to offer a place to sell the book. Therefore, anyone who wishes to publish a book with us can get as much or as little help as they need and it can be sold in every online venue, including Amazon, and every electronic venue including the three mentioned above. 

  • How Our Team Works

    The first question our content providers usually ask is, "Can you really produce a book that I am proud of?" In other words, can you do all or part of the writing, content editing, copyediting, interior design, cover design, and create a book that I would be proud of? The second question they ask is, "Can you really print (manufacture) this so that it is cost effective and make it look like a book I bought at Barnes & Noble?" The third thing they ask, "Is there any way you can distribute these books, because I would prefer they not show up in my garage." The fourth question, "Can you help me sell these books?" I believe my content is compelling, but I need help to get this to more people beyond those just on my mailing list.

    When we first began Book Villages, we assembled our team of veterans in various areas of the publishing supply chain so that we are able to provide any and all of the services required to publish a book. We have responded to the questions of the content providers and have created a veteran team to create content people are proud of. We have a world-class manufacturing ability which allows us, depending on the product that is being produced, to print anywhere in the world. We have arranged for a sophisticated distribution facility and competency which allows all our physical books to be distributed anywhere in the country in a two- to five-day timeline. Our most recent initiative involves creating an an e-commerce site which allows authors to retain a larger portion of margin than they would if the book was sold on Amazon, which is where most of our authors also wish to also have their books listed.

  • BookVillages image for page Creating Your Book

    Creating Your Book

    Our assumption is that content providers have a great deal to offer their audiences, but aren’t necessarily experts in creating, producing, and selling a book product. Because of that we have chosen a different route than other custom-publishing alternatives. With many of those alternatives, content providers need to choose a package of one kind or another or a template that their work is then forced into.

    Our approach is very different. Because we also have a lot of interest in the content being produced, and we want to make sure that content is customized appropriately to the author and the audience, we spend whatever time is necessary in conversation with the content provider to help craft and create a product that aligns with the mission that it needs to accomplish. Therefore we have a lot of experience in all different kinds of products from books, gift books, children’s books, curriculum, kits, CDs/DVDs to specialty items such as gift products.

    Our assumption is that making all of that turn out okay in the end isn’t going to happen without having significant conversation with the people who are trying to make it happen—in other words those who would like to see it available. Because of our publishing experience, we are the experts in knowing the best and most efficient way to see all of those things done correctly. However, we can’t do all this unless we are in constant conversation with the customer.  

    We love to bring our expertise to bear in design and manufacturing to meet the customers specific demands. That almost never happens unless conversation takes place. That is why we prefer to take a more relational approach rather than a "pick a package approach, press a button and send a check."

    May we schedule a conversation with you?

  • BookVillages image for page Timing


    Traditional publishers normally take a very long time to produce content. At the very least they are on a twelve-month schedule from the time a manuscript is handed to them until the time the book is available. The reason for that is probably tied to the way traditional publishers sell books in brick and mortar stores and the cycle that is required to make that successful. Our approach does not rely on brick and mortar stores and our whole DNA allows us to produce content on a timeline that aligns with a timeline that the content providers need. Sometimes that is extremely fast. Normally, however, depending on what needs to be done to the book, the timeline typically runs from four to five months from start to finish (beginning to end).

  • Our Customers

    Our team can (and does!) work with just about anybody! The majority of our customers fall into one of three categories:

    1. Authors

    Either previously published or new-to-publishing individuals wishing to print and market a new book.

    2. Churches

    Many churches have a lot of great writings, teachings and curriculum they have developed over the years, and all they need is someone to help them navigate the publishing landscape to market their already-written products.

    3. Organzations

    We'll help you source printing capabilities, and, often, bring down the cost of your project by tweaking specifications.

  • Authors

    Book Villages loves to help individual authors who often have a life message. Our goal is to help them get that message into print and make it available to an audience who could benefit from it. Sometimes those authors have one book in them, sometimes they have a multiple book series that might include curriculum or other pieces. Sometimes they represent a ministry of a particular kind that requires that they have content that is produced at regular intervals. We help them acquire a publishing strategy that works for them and accomplishes what they need to accomplish as they live out their own personal mission. The characteristic of that single author is they really have content inside of them that needs to be produced and we like to help them figure out how to make that happen.

  • BookVillages image for page Churches


    Churches must produce content on a regular basis week after week. We are convinced that a much broader audience than just those in their church would enjoy much of the content they produce. Our commitment to churches is to help them take content that they already have created or they know they must create and engineer it through a process and a system for capturing that content more efficiently. Then take that content and package it in order to make it available in an enhanced way to their own local audience as well as a broader audience that might enjoy it.

    Most organizations like Churches often are looking for sustainable sources of non-donor revenue. One of the most obvious places for them to enjoy that revenue stream revolves around taking something they already produce and might be enjoyed by a wider audience and make it available to that wider audience. We think that one of the most significant streams of creative thought that will be made available in the next few decades really comes out of churches. Previously this content has generally come out of individual authors. We think a push of great content that is creative and relevant will come from churches who figure out how to take what they already are doing and package it appropriately for a wider audience and enjoy the revenue that comes from it.

  • Organizations

    Many non-profit organizations already have a very sophisticated print manufacturing need. The issue for them is not necessarily how to create content or how to design it because they often have in-house systems and processes and people that already accomplish that. Their big challenge often is in knowing where that can be manufactured in the most cost-effective way possible.  

    For non-profit, 501(C)(3) organizations, we offer a very robust global ability to source print manufacturing of many different kinds in many different countries around the world and do so in a way that saves the organization significant dollars. Often when we do this we are also able to bring efficiencies into the process by tweaking or changing specifications that actually make the manufacturing cheaper and in many cases make the quality of the product much better. What we are able to do is to bring that same competency to them with our global sourcing of print manufacturing so that they can still enjoy what they really need which is expert help in getting different pieces into print without having to pay the overhead of the individual who is on their payroll to accomplish that.    

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