7-7 Series Discovery Manual

Robert O. Wahl, D.Min.


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Pages: 176

Physical Size: 8.5" x 11"

ISBN: 978-1-93565-125-3


As a committed church leader, nothing is more important to you than ensuring your church members have a solid faith foundation. The 7-7 Series answers this urgent concern by presenting a nonthreatening, enjoyable, and cost-effective curriculum that helps all Christians gain a better understanding of the fundamental of Scripture and Christian living in a way that easily fits into the business of church schedules. Seven complete units will take students through a study of Bible history, church history, alternative religions, postmodernism, and much more. In Unit One you’ll learn in-depth about: Genesis; The Exodus; The conquest, Judges, and United Kingdom; Paul’s Missionary Journeys; and more!

Use of this Discovery Manual (for the student) provides material for personal study as well as during the group study. Whether you are a new or seasoned believer, the 7-7 Series will help you become well grounded in the faith!

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