Hatch! Brainstorming Secrets of a Theme Park Designer

C. McNair Wilson


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Pages: 208

Physical Size: 6" x 8"

ISBN: 978-1-93851-201-8


Most corporate brainstorming isn't brainstorming. Usually what’s going on is playful arguing with snacks on the table. Time for a change.

McNair Wilson’s "7 Agreements of Brainstorming" have been assisting organizations from Apple, Inc. to the Salvation Army to design, create, plan, develop ... anything. Behind it all is great team-building tool that has literally changed the culture at scores of McNair’s clients—including aerospace companies that have objects currently orbiting the planet.

Whether you have several months to plan or need a competition-crushing solution by last Tuesday, HATCH! has a way of creating the best out come. "As it turns out," McNair says, "Working at the top of your creativity affects the bottom line."

HATCH! might be the most playful, witty, and valuable business book you have ever read. With McNair's own doodles and illustration on virtually every two-page spread you will have no trouble getting co-workers and employees to read it, cover-to-cover. (Your competition WILL be reading HATCH!) Order more than one copy: you will loan it to a friend and NEVER SEE IT AGAIN.

HACTH! Includes:

Plus: "McNair's Fearless Field Guide to Doodling & Visual Thinking"

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