Intimacy with God: Drawing Ever Closer to the Almighty

Dr. Benjamin A. Sawatsky


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Pages: 224

Physical Size: 6" x 9"

ISBN: 978-0-98371-701-0


One of the great and lasting legacies of Ben Sawatsky is his deep commitment to intimacy with God. Ben rightly understands that our ministry impact will not rise above our relationship with the Father and our daily walk with His Spirit. Intimacy always comes before ministry impact.

Developing our relationship with the Father, learning to hear His voice in our lives, and living in the power of His Spirit is not a part of our work but is our foremost work. It is out of this connection with the Father that everything else flows and which empowers those tings we put our hands to. Our lives are profoundly changed when we come to the place where He becomes foremost, because out of that fullness of Christ flows all of our life and work.

This volume on Intimacy with God represents the best of Ben’s writing and thinking what it means to live with a close connection with the Father. It comes from a life of intimacy and a deep understanding of the teaching of Scripture. You will be blessed and challenged by Ben’s life as well as his words. He models what he writes and invites us on a journey with him toward a deeper understanding of what it means to be connected to our Father.

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