Prescription for the Doctor’s Wife

Debby Read with Sue Addington


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Pages: 264

Physical Size: 5.5" x 8.5"

ISBN: 978-1-93565-105-5


Prescription for the Doctor’s Wife offers hope and encouragement to women in a unique kind of marriage. Debby shares stories from her heart and from the lives of other women, giving practical advice based on the wisdom of God’s Word to help you thrive . . . not just survive. You’ll find kinship in these pages as you identify with others who know and understand the challenges and pressures you face. Whether you are dealing with the loneliness of an often-absent husband, the disappointment that life isn’t what you expected, or feeling the pressure to “do it all,” you’ll find answers in this book. While Debby shares out of her personal experience as a doctor’s wife, her words will resonate with universal truths that apply to all marriages. Prescription for the Doctor’s Wife will inspire and encourage you in your relationship with God, with your husband, and with other women.

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