Tipping Our Kings: Finding the Truth in a World Full of Options

Jack Crabtree


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Pages: 144

Physical Size: 5.5" x 8.5"

ISBN: 978-1-93851-210-0


Have you ever known you needed to talk to someone about God but felt completely inadequate? Do you have more questions about God than answers? Have you stopped questioning altogether?

In a chess match, tipping your king onto its side represents voluntary surrender. This is the true story of two colliding worldviews and their unavoidable evolution. Jack Crabtree—a recent college grad—is just dipping his toes into theology, when he meets Nick Chapman—a brilliant Philosophy Ph.D. (and childhood chess champion) who is searching for truth and meaning.

As Jack and Nick dialogue about some of life’s most fundamental questions, they discover they each have a few kings of their own to tip. Perhaps you will as well. You might even become a believer in the truth that God can use anyone to reach anyone—even you.

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