When Life Comes Undone: Walking in Faith When Life is Hard and Hope Is Scarce

T.J. Addington with Mary Ann Addington


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Pages: 160

Physical Size: 6" x 9"

ISBN: 978-1-93565-134-5


How do we respond when life comes undone?

Life comes undone for all of us; and when it does, we live with the pain, uncertainty, and questions that come with it. Using a biblical perspective, When Life Comes Undone can help you navigate those times when life is hard and hope is scarce. The book is written out of deep, personal experiences with catastrophic illnesses, and speaks to the question of suffering with the candor and honesty that comes from grappling with pain firsthand. In the midst of pain and suffering, this book will help you:

T.J. writes that life undone moments are unlikely gifts that forge deeper faith and a closer relationship with our God. When Life Comes Undone looks at pain and suffering from both a human and divine perspective, and shows how hard times forge God’s character in us like nothing else can. It is a book of hope when life looks hopeless.

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